Below you can read about the one of a kind team that is helping Greenwald & BC become a leading competitor for both residential and commercial construction jobs. We currently have two locations; Mt. Pleasant and Beaver island. We also service surrounding counties as well. We encourage you to visit our gallery page to view many past projects we have completed.


Colin has been in the construction industry since the late 1980’s. He started his career in the building trades classes in high school and went on to obtain an Architecture degree from Ferris State University. Wanting to stay in his home community of Mt. Pleasant, he secured a Residential Builders license in 1993, and formed his first building company. Later in 1999, he became a partner in Greenwald & BC, which he co-operated with the Greenwald family until 2013 when he took over the entire operation. Today, Colin shares operations with Preston Herren, his cousin. Together, the Herren family is keeping the tradition of dependable service alive and well.

Spending his days overseeing the operations of Greenwald & BC, Colin keeps busy. He also always makes time to meet with every client personally and follow along with the job progress & customer satisfaction. Much of Colin’s time is dedicated to the needs of Central Michigan University in a role as a Construction Manager. Training a very high-quality staff over the years allows him to take the time away from the job sites, yet still know that the projects are being built well. This time allows him to concentrate on the details that many builders overlook. Colin takes pride in properly organizing, scheduling, interacting with clients, and constantly viewing the horizon for ways to make the buildings and the owner’s experiences better.

Colin has served as a board member on the local, State, and National level of the Home Builders Association for more than 20 years. He has also held the office of President at both the local and State level, and is Life Director of the National Association of Home Builders. During his time served in the Home Builders Association, he has fought tirelessly to promote affordable home ownership and defended America’s home owners at nearly every level of government. He has appeared before many bodies from County Commissions to the Capital building in Lansing. Colin has also traveled to Washington DC to meet with our law makers to ensure that our government protects the American dream of home ownership.

Colin believes that positive outcomes and satisfaction start with a culture, not just individual actions. Soon after becoming part of the Greenwald gang, each employee learns that customer satisfaction is job number one. He creates environments that allow each employee to grow their talent base and craft each project with pride. With this environment, Colin is able to pay close attention to each individual owner’s unique concerns. Repeat customers are the true measure of this culture exhibited by Colin and his team of workmen.


From a young age, Preston Herren has always been a person capable of a thoughtful and purposeful life. He strives for relentless positive action, constantly measuring his deliverables, and evaluating job performances to enhance the quality of the work and customer experience.

Preston was born and raised in Central Michigan and graduated from Alma High School. As a young man, he helped his father in the family’s Heating and Cooling business where he learned the need for excellent customer service in a small town. He decided to further his education at Central Michigan University studying his joy of wildlife and biology. As he expanded his horizons, he worked with his cousin building and remodeling homes and commercial businesses. This was a craft in which he would eventually become state licensed in and go on to start his own companies; Herren Construction and Shoreline Building & Restoration.

During his time at CMU, Preston learned the joy’s and wonders of Beaver Island where he eventually would have the opportunity to live and work as a builder and remodeler. For more than 7 years, he and a partner joined forces and worked as owner/operator of Shoreline Building and Restoration, which quickly became the island’s most reputable and sought-after building companies. Enjoying many years of serving the Beaver Island community together, their family’s needs changed and they amicably discontinued their full-time service to the island in 2016. Returning to Central Michigan, Preston immediately rejoined forces with his cousin Colin where he is co-owner in Greenwald & BC, a building company which has served the building needs of Central Michigan since 1953. However, after only a few months off the island, Preston missed serving the family of clients he has learned to know and care for on the Island. Given an opportunity to serve a few previous clients, he quickly re-assimilated to his island family of clients. Now in his new and expanded capacity, he can offer the island his experience, dependable service, and the full backing of a well-respected family of carpenters at Greenwald & BC. Unwilling to leave the island in his past, he now has again resumed regular service to the island, including a home and office in the harbor district.

Preston continues to refine his skills in the building industry taking the helm of Greenwald & BC and quickly becoming recognized as a leader within the building community of the Central Michigan area. Growing up in a small town, he knows the importance of supporting ones’ own community. Caring for the Island as he does, he ensures that in every action that he is doing the right thing for the community of which he has become a part of.

Prestons’ personal morals and ethics align well with that of those he has chosen to work with. He surrounds himself with craftsman and tradesmen that share in his joy of providing excellent customer service, unrivaled quality, and unparalleled pursuit of always doing the right thing. He continues to build a culture where these goals are well known and expected by every member of the team. Leading by example, you won’t find a builder whom is more willing to work hard, work smart, and work safe to bring your dreams to fruition.


Chad’s primary role finds him overseeing the management side of projects. From the initial contact to helping select and secure building materials, organizing subcontractors, following up on warranty, or just making the projects go smoother, you might find Chad jumping in on any project any given day. He started his career as a mason of ten years where he learned how to get a building out of the ground and how to properly apply stone and brick veneers. He then expanded his building knowledge serving a tenure of ten years as an outside salesman for a national lumber company where he served many builders and greatly diversified his knowledge of building products and how to apply them in the market.  Greenwald & BC was one of his clients for many years. When the opportunity came that the Greenwald & BC team had grown to need our own on-staff project manager, Chad received the nod. Only having been a part of the team for a short period, he has assimilated well and is already receiving accolades from the clients that he has taken from dream to reality. While Chad is newer to the Greenwald & BC team, his ability to serve and fully satisfy customers is nothing new to him. His desire to deliver excellence aligns perfectly with the goals and standards of the Greenwald & BC team.


After taking time away from her career to raise and nurture three daughters, Amy has been managing the affairs of the Greenwald & BC office for some ten years. Organizing the paperwork and accounting side of a building business is no small task. Innovations in software allow her to be accurate and efficient in all aspects of our accounting. Her work on each project allows for clear and concise reporting of all purchases and payment. That is important not only during the build, but for years to come. Say you need a receipt for warranty five years after we build for you. Give Amy about ten minutes and she can pull it from our archives. Doesn’t seem like a big deal until you need it. After sixty years in the business, Greenwald BC knows what you need.

Amy is more than just a pretty voice on the phone and a check in the mail though. She often helps owners make decisions or color selections and has even been known to help out with her green thumb to make projects impressive years after we complete a home. When you call or stop by Amy will most likely be the first point of contact.


Greenwald & BC Inc. has been a well-respected builder for sixty years, thanks to not only our clients, but to seasoned and well-respected staff. Typically, a job site will be led by a carpenter that has been on staff for at least 15 years. In a fast paced world, our carpenters slow down and take the time to make it right the first time. That can only be accomplished by experienced, well trained, well cultured carpenters, and we have many of them. Currently, our carpentry team has 17 carpenters. Together the Greenwald team has more than 200 years of experience in building and renovating in Central and Northern Michigan. The pride you have in your home or office starts with the pride in our carpenter’s workmanship.


Matt Stanke being born and raised in Central Michigan, takes pride in building the community in which he lives. Having worked with the Greenwald BC team since 1998, Matt has become the natural leader who manages numerous projects while keeping an eye on both production and quality. Wearing many hats for the company, an average week will find Matt managing 5-10 projects as a superintendent. Matt works closely with the team of tradesmen to quickly and efficiently complete complex and detailed commercial projects in our construction management capacity. Always looking forward, when Matt isn’t managing tradesmen, he grabs his tools and leads the team in much of our detailed work. Teaching the younger staff the finer points, or polishing up the final details on our projects as they draw to completion, Matt takes pride in every aspect of the business. Matt also oversees our fleet of vehicles, trailers, equipment, tool and our office for any kind of maintenance that it may need. Matt’s reputation is synonymous with Greenwald & BC as he has been the foundation of the company field staff for many years. If you are lucky enough to have Matt oversee your building project, you might find yourself believing he truly is M&M (Marvelous Matt) as one regular client refers to him.